Why a freely programmable VSR control unit?

The original control units from VWM, as well as the original engine control unit from the VR6 with distributor ignition and corresponding chip from VWM, open the changeover flap at approx. 4100 rpm and close it again at approx. 3800 rpm. In some cases this is not optimal. E.g., if valve timing was changed by modified camshafts.
Here it is desirable to open the valve earlier or later to positively affect the power and torque curve. For this purpose this control unit was developed.
The control unit replaces the original VWM control unit, as well as the control of the VSR by the engine control unit.
This controller can also be used with the Schrick shift intake manifolds.

The current speed is constantly measured and evaluated by the microcontroller. If the speed rises above the stored value of the opening speed, the control valve of the VSR is opened; if, on the other hand, the speed falls below the defined closing speed, the valve is closed again.
In addition, a control LED can be connected to a further output in order to virtualize the switching state inside the vehicle.
As a small bonus, a maximum speed can be programmed. An LED or similar can be installed here, which lights up when the speed is reached. Here, a VSR control unit is used to control a switching flashlight and not a switching flash circuit to control a VSR.

How do you set the speeds?
That is quite simple. Start the engine and put the control unit into setup mode using the push button. Hold the desired opening speed with the throttle and save it with the set button, then repeat the same for the closing and maximum speeds.
That’s it. The values can be changed / adjusted as often as required.

What is included?

The control unit, a detailed manual with connection diagram in German or English and a connection cable including plug for the connection of an external programming button.

If you are interested, please send me a message by using the contact form.